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Any one else have a photo from your childhood showing the start of your life long train addiction? Here is mine...

 I am the blonde kid, my brother Craig behind, and my Dad on the foot plate. This engine is still at "Travel Town" in L.A.. Taken aroung 1956 - 1957... Show me what you got......:2t: Ken

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Nope. No photos but when I was 5 or 6 years old my grandparents took me on a trip through the Agawa Canyon on the Algoma Central out of Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario, Canada. This would have been around 1970. It was quite a train ride. Just Google "Agawa Canyon" and you'll see some incredible pictures.

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Herb Kephart

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Probably Lionel, set up at Christmas.

Possibly a 500ft cab ride in a PRR H10 2-8-0 around 1946

No pix of the later, might be some of the former in old family albums.


Ray Dunakin

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I don't even have a specific moment, much less a photo. But I picked up my love of trains from my Dad. He'd often stop the car to watch a train go by, and also told us of his brief stint as a brakeman on the Espee.

My brothers and I were born too late to see steam in operation (or to remember seeing it, anyway), but Dad would tell us about watching, riding or working on steam powered trains, including the big cab-forwards.

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