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3 Rail Track Cleaning Car
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 Posted: Thu May 23rd, 2013 03:47 pm
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Need some help from the 3 Rail people.  I have been trying to help the San Antonio Zoo with a loop of 3 rail 'O' that some one talked them in to for the Depot where you catch the 'train ride' they have.

We have a new transformer that has made a big difference in the running of the train.  I donated it to them.

The loop runs at about 8 ft from the floor around the inside of the building.  It is not easy to get to the track to clean it.  One of the people that works there cleans the rollers on the locomotive and tender plus checks the wheels on them and the cars at least once a week.

They need a reasonable cost reliable Track Cleaning Car the the person could put behind the train and run it around several times rather then having to get a ladder and spend time hand cleaning the track.  The loop is about 20 Ft by 50 Ft.

They do not want to change to battery power.  There are too many areas in the zoo that they need to keep track of rechargeable batteries and this one would be very low priority.


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