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Colorado 2014-2015
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 Posted: Sat Dec 13th, 2014 05:53 pm
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Hi everyone,

Last year I had a great time in Colorado, Riding the Silverton, seeing old mining buildings, The Colorado Railroad Museum...

It was all good and fun, but I haven't even began to touch what I think is in Colorado. So then, this trip, which will start about this time next week and end the 10th of January, gives me plenty of time to get more acquainted with Colorado's Railroads.

What I'm primarily looking for is a small place to model along the C&S or Midland routes.

My list so far includes:

>Tracing the Midland Terminal from Colorado Springs to Cripple Creek. An easy 2 day project.

>Heading up from SW Denver to trace the old C&S ROW until the snow becomes too deep to be safe. (After all, it does travel several mountain passes)

>See Breckenridge specifically for a day of skiing and to see C&S #9. I want to measure her out and make plans for a possible scratchbuild in 1:20.3.

>Headed up Clear Creek to see what's above Silverton. Argentine Central Grades plus any possible branches that went up the valley to the smaller mines.

>Colorado Railroad Museum visit for researching other possible prototypes.

>noting places I want to see in the summer. I plan to be back for the Garden Railroad Convention in 2015. I plan to do a lot then, but that's a different topic.

What I really need with this topic is suggestions and advice on places I may have overlooked before, Book Titles to watch out for, hobby shops that might have information, smaller museums, or attractions that are railroad related that are open in the winter.

With a bit of luck, this trip will finally yield a prototype to model that can be done in a small space with either On30 or Fn3.



James W.

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 Posted: Sun Dec 14th, 2014 10:25 pm
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You have enough to keep you busy for some time. There is a bunch of stuff on the C&S both standard and NG, also Colo Midland in print. The worst thing will be the traffic, then private property, and time. Got to check Caboose while your passing through. South west Denver area is full of homes in the area of interest. C&S up Clear Creek in real doable. The Argentine Central is accessed from above Georgetown and is difficult once you leave the paved rode which is excellent. The snow will keep you out until really late spring. You should still have tons of fun with a wealth of things to see. The Colo railroad museum should be a big hit. The expansions on the place make it worth the drive alone. We have had absolutly great weather and the forecast is for partially cloudy and mid forties. Good luck and have a great time.
Clif Korlaske

Clif Korlaske

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