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Weathering a 62' tank car
 Moderated by: W C Greene
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 Posted: Tue Aug 18th, 2015 06:26 am
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Sean W

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Hey guys,

So I have gotten back in the hobby lately, really wrestling with going old timey logging/mining stuff, or modern stuff. I am lately leaning more towards the modern stuff.

With that in mind Ive been keeping my eye out on ebay for good deals. I'll put a bid on something then kinda forget about it, and if I win it, great!

Thats how I came to own this old Athearn 62' tank car, put a $5 bid on it and no one else bid on it, so I win!

Got it today and was really excited about getting it together and seeing whats still rattling around up there. Keep in mind that the last time I assembled a model, let alone tried to weather one was more than 10 years ago!

Go easy on me!

So I took this:

Turned it into this:

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