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OntraXS! 2016, Utrecht NL
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 Posted: Fri Jan 15th, 2016 01:34 pm
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Joined: Thu Nov 1st, 2012
Location: Borne, Netherlands
Posts: 1003
Hi all,

We as a team know that a lot of you are anxious waiting fot the layouts to be seen on the OntraXS! 2016 show. We as a team worked hard to profide you the visitor with another selection of high class, top notch layouts shown in a magnificent environment the National Railway Museum in Utrecht.
Hereby we present you the list for the layouts that will appear on the show this year. With the name of the builder, the name, scale and where it’s situated :
1 Gerbrand Haans Kaloonga H0e Australië
2 Gerard van der Weijer Weingut Vogelensang H0e Duitsland
3 Michael Kirsch Elitze-Hafen N Duitsland
4 Franz Rittig Franzburger Heidebahn H0 Duitsland
5 Michel Kohler Chemin de Fer de Bertoud 0e Frankrijk
6 Peter Goss The Worlds End H0 Engeland
7 Fredy Coenen The Fridge H0 Amerika
8 MSM Roermond Stirmouth & Southern 0N30 Amerika
9 Gerrit Schoenmaker Western Rhapsody H0 Amerika
10 Hans Peters Berekvam H0 Noorwegen
11 Jan van Munster CFV Colombier-le-Vieux H0m Frankrijk
12 Mike Carter Red Hook Bay H0 Amerika
13 Roderik Vanderkelen Boilliere N België
14 Steef van der Straeten Midsommar pa Hogskogen H0 Zweden
15 Lech Lewinski Polska Makieta H0 Polen
16 Didier Mozer Trinca-Vecnou 0/0e Frankrijk
17 Hans Louvet Klutz H0 Duitsland
18 Eric Goasdoué La Gare de Primeri H0 Frankrijk
19 Tjorben Fleckner Beyenburg N Duitsland
20 Ulrich Slovig Beautiful South Africa H0 Zuid Afrika
21 Ton Trip Tripton by Sea 0 Engeland (Scale 7 layout)
22 Phillippe Gabard Larosse Harbouw H0 Frankrijk
23 Torsten Freyer Suffridge 00 Engeland
24 Claude Fandel 23rd Avenue industries P48 Amerika
25 Alexander Lehmann Kleinrhauderfehn TT Duitsland
26 Bernard Junk VEB Baustoffenkombinat IIf Duitland
27 Jack Treves Aerial pickles 0n18 Amerika

Volker Geritz Demonstrations module Plettenberger Kleinbahn in spoor II

Commercial participants, importers and manufacturers:

1 N spoor store
2 AVT Products
3 Van den Burg beeldproducties
4 Maclean Preiser
5 DB Bahnshop
6 Modeltreinexpress
7 HobbyTime BV
8 Anita Decor
10 Godfather Models & Supply
11 Colle 21 - Hobbimex
12 EpokeModeller Aps
13 TILLIG Modellbahnen GmbH
14 Raboesch models
15 Mazero (Marion Zeller)
16 Roco/Fleischmann
17 Proxxon
18 Gebr. Marklin & cie GmbH
19 Artitec
20 Markenburg
21 Pijp-lines
22 Modelspoormagazine
23 Stoom Stichting Nederland
24 Vrienden van Het Spoorwegmuseum
25 Scaletrading/PIKO
27 Horstermodelbouwwereld
28 Digikeijs
29 Magnorails
30 Railzminiworld
31 Railmagazine
32 Modelspoor-shop
33 Railhobby
34 Bentink Apeldoorn
35 Kuijpers HobbyHuis
36 Smalspoor Nederland
37 PicommIT

We hope to welcome you on this years edition, 11,12 and 13 march 2016

Team OntraXS:

Ronald Halma
Martin Welberg
Chris van Diesen

National Railway Museum:
Jelle Rijnhout

Regards Martin
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 Posted: Wed Feb 3rd, 2016 09:14 pm
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Joined: Thu Nov 1st, 2012
Location: Borne, Netherlands
Posts: 1003
One of the layouts present on OntraXs! 2016 will be La gare de Primeri build by Eric Goasdoue and mesures 2 x 9 meters. A beautiful layout settled between the 50's and 70's in the south of France. Full motion with steam and diesel..

Regards Martin
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 Posted: Sat Feb 6th, 2016 05:04 pm
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Joined: Thu Nov 1st, 2012
Location: Borne, Netherlands
Posts: 1003
Chemins de fer de Berthoud, Michael Kohler from Switzerland

Regards Martin
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 Posted: Sat Feb 6th, 2016 06:19 pm
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Joined: Sun May 5th, 2013
Location: Netherlands
Posts: 12
I"ll be there, 3 days it

never enough rust on your train....
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