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T-Trak 481mm Radius Corners
 Moderated by: Herb Kephart
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 Posted: Wed Feb 3rd, 2016 07:50 pm
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The San Antonio N Scale Club, SANTRAK, is looking at the practicality of building some 481 mm radius Outside Corners, End Caps, and Junctions.  At the present time we feel Inside Corners are not practical.  This will allow the use of larger equipment then will run on the current 282 mm and 315 mm radius.

The idea is to use 481 mm radius on both the Red and Yellow lines by cutting some 33 mm straights for the Red Line from longer straights that we have an excess of.  The End Cap will also get a 66 mm straight on the Red Line.  The Junction will need a custom straight on the Red Line, but we are still working on the best way to handle that while keeping the number of rail joiners to a minimum.

The Outside Corner is 22.2 by 22.2 inches, 564 by 564 mm.  The End Cap is 22.2 by 44.5 inches, 564 by 129.6 mm.  The Junction is 22.2 by 39.2 inches, 564 by 995 mm.  Yes, there is some rounding of some dimensions.

To use the 481 R modules one needs to use two 30 inch tables side by side, where as the current modules use only one.


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