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Wood covered bridge
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 Posted: Mon Jul 4th, 2016 07:15 pm
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Take a look at this:
Please note the upward curvature (chord). I don't recall ever seeing it in a model. It is present also on unloaded flat bed trucks, empty flatcars, etc., but when loaded to capacity they will be arrow straight.

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 Posted: Mon Jul 4th, 2016 09:37 pm
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Playing with Google's reverse image search found the history of that bridge, there were several before it.
"The venerable Humpback Bridge lays claim to being the oldest of Virginia's remaining covered bridges. Located in Alleghany County, just west of Covington, it was built in 1857."
"Significance: The Humpback Covered Bridge was built for the James River & Kanawha Turnpike and is one of the early turnpikes through the Alleghany region of Virginia. It is the oldest bridge in Virginia, and the older of only two surviving examples of a cambered wood covered bridge in the United States."

246 pages,
Covered Bridges and the Birth of American Engineering

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