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 Posted: Mon Aug 8th, 2016 06:28 pm
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Posted here for Herb. I accidently deleted the original post. This is IT.

Lots of times here, and on thousands of other hobby forums on the 'net, photos or other material that has been copyrighted at one time or another are posted for non commercial hobby reference purposes, without proper reference or permission. If we ban all such stuff, half of our hobby is gone--what will we use for inspiration? How will we know what the details are on a particular part or assembly? No, that isn't going to work.

If we require a link to every post, or other material (hereafter POOM) half the interest is gone, because there will be very little, besides the posters own work. to catch someones interest, and there will be also less posters own work (hereafter POW) for the very same reason. Not an attractive solution for a forum that wants to grow and thrive.

Now lets get one thing straight. We are not talking pictures clearly marked with a watermark copyright, or those that the creator marked with their name or company name, look at any of the photos that Bernd has posted with his Kingston Model Works for an example of this. They are clearly off limits UNLESS YOU HAVE THAT PERSONS PERMISSION to use them. This should be noted under the POOM when you post it.

There are a couple gray areas in this problem. I am not a Lawyer, and sure as heck wouldn't want to be one, so my take on this is strictly my own, based much more on my belief of what's right and wrong, than the legality of it. It's worth exactly what you are paying for it, but here it is.

POOM's that you have grabbed off the 'net, that are not credited where you found them. MARK THESE "FROM NET"

POOM's that you have collected over the years, and have no idea anymore where they came from. MARK THESE "FROM MY COLLECTION"

POOM's that you copied from books. Text is the authors work, and is rightfully his property. I respect this (and so should you), so if you post any of this get the authors permission to us it! Mark this "FROM [BOOK NAME] WITH AUTHORS PERMISSION". Photos pose a sticky problem. The type of books that we are likely to use have photos that the author didn't create. If they are credited to a collection by the author MARK THESE "FROM [NAME COLLECTION, NAME OF BOOK.NAME OF AUTHOR] other photos, even though you know that they aren't the authors MARK "[NAME OF BOOK, NAME OF AUTHOR] this gives the author credit for gathering up the research material--the very thing that we want --and taking the trouble of getting it published (or paying for publishing--even more common in our book world) even if it isn't directly his work.

The legality of this, I don't know. But at least it shows that we are trying to do things right.

I'm going to close this forum, but I am positive that it is going to cause a lot of flack and resentment. I welcome discussion on the subject in the General Talk Forum.
How about your thoughts on the mater, Dwayne?



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