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I am currently building a house out of two discarded Lionel body carcasses. About two weeks ago:

It looks like this today:

Pool almost finished, solar panel bases temporarily in place, breakfast nook will be on a wood deck, shown as a cardboard template on first pic. The square things will be planters.
On the other side, facing the street, I will put a realtor's sign. Don't feel like detailing the inside, so it will be a good excuse.

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Hi Jose :wave:

I think it's a good move, going for the solar-panels, rather than a windmill.

I liked the Aussie windmill museum very much.

But the Aussie farmer interviewed said ...

... he didn't think windmills were that romantic ...

... if you're out fixing them every day !

He said, once he had converted to solar energy ...

... he had more time for 'romance' at home !



I'd move in there ! ... It looks like a cool pad !! :cool:

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