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Kevin Fall

Joined: Thu Nov 9th, 2017
Posts: 2
Greetings from Moodus, CT (home of eastern micro earthquakes)
I know, where the heck is Moodus anyway? Moodus is short for the Native American word "machimoodus" which means "the place of bad noises". Not to worry because we are 3 miles from the fault line and the last major earthquake was on May 16, 1791! I hope we are not overdue. Although, we did have a small one in 2015 a half mile away but we slept through it.

Having viewed this forum for several years I bravely decided to add my name to those on the other side of the tracks. I am modeling a freelanced C&S /Gilpin in the year 1918 which allows me to model one of my favorite stamp mill scenes, the Iron City/Penn (Rose-City Ore Company) mill in Black Hawk and some mines in the Clear Creek area. Though freelanced, I am trying to use mostly C&S buildings and bridges to get the general feeling of the area. I have built a cardboard mockup of the mill as it appeared in 1918 which comes out roughly to 3 feet in HO scale (yikes!). I imagine the ore cars will be pulled by horses at this point or the Fordson used by the mill. Rail will be code 55 on handlaid ties for the C&S with Gilpin mill trackage code 40. I am only at the beginning stages: benchwork done, backdrop painted just blue so far, and all ties have been laid but only a short section of rail (This winter's project). The 13 x 21 layout is in the basement and some scenery has been started with foam board and sculptamold.
I have been following Keith's forum on the Gilpin and since he is getting close to my mill I figured now was the best to join. I partially started and stopped two layouts in my younger years but family life kind of took over. Now I finally have some spare time to really do something. Pressure, pressure! And yes, I am hoping to prove to everyone that HOn3 C&S engines can really run! Anyway, thanks for letting me join.


Joined: Thu Feb 23rd, 2012
Location: London
Posts: 3865
Hi Kevin :wave:

WELCOME ! :bg:

Nothing like a bit of 2' ...

... or even a bit of 3' ! :P

When it comes to Gilpin County, word on the street says Keith is the horses mouth ...

... in fact some say Keith is the horse ! ;)

Keep us posted on how your project is going Kevin.



Herb Kephart

Joined: Thu Jul 19th, 2007
Location: Glen Mills, Pennsylvania USA
Posts: 6127
Hello Kevin, and welcome to the farm.

Great bunch here,  only a very few bite.

How about posting a few photos of those buildings that you have already built, or started?
We love to see photos. Some folks have trouble posting them, but at the beginning of FreeRails,  there are several different methods outlined. If, after trying them, you still have problems, we will try to help out.


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