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Mystery Loco - Identity Revealed !
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 Posted: Tue Mar 13th, 2018 07:39 am
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The internet is a wonderful thing.
Many years ago, someone posted this photo of a loco on here - maybe as oddity of the day. Often wondered what it and as is my custom, downloaded it for future reference.

Thought I'd ask one of my Facebook groups about it and sure enough got the answer, courtesy of Frank Vollhardt.
This was taken at the  Ralston Car Co. yard in Columbus, Ohio.It had been used to pull the pay car on the Ohio River RR. as their number 1 named "Babe".OR was absorbed by B&O and it became B&O 1, Was dropped from the roster in 1907, so this shot had to be after that. Built by Porter in 7-89.A nice shot of it exists while on OR when alive and well. It had a previous owner before OR also.
 Here is your mystery loco in better days shown at Parkersburg, WV 1899 on the Ohio River RR as their number 1 or "Babe". After B&O absorbed the line it became B&O 1. Was said to have hauled the OR presidents car as well as their pay car.The Porter plate is visible here.Originally built for the Johnstown & Stoney Creek RR. in 7-89.


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Freerails > Model Railroad Forums > Proto-Photos > Mystery Loco - Identity Revealed !

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