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Lee B

Joined: Tue Dec 9th, 2014
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At the end of this summer, my wife and I will be going across the pond (I know you should never mention stuff ahead of time, but I didn't mention the dates and a good friend of mine from Special Forces will be house sitting for us). I might have some time to go looking in Paris and probably some in London, and I am wondering if anyone in the UK/EU can tell me if there are any spectacular "you can't miss this" hobby shops in either city.
I've searched online but you can't really tell the scope and size of them and they're lost in a sea of craft and RC stores online. I don't want to waste my time with the type of places I could see here in the colonies (though of course with different nationality stuff).
I know that someone will suggest a place well outside of the center of these cities, but they're have to be in in the city itself as we won't be travelling outside these cities (I know someone will suggest them anyway, even though I just wrote that I won't b able to get to them...).
I'm looking for the kinds of hobby shops that stop people dead in their tracks as they enter for the first time (especially in the UK as I have always had an affinity for British railroads). If such a place exists in France or in the UK, I'd assume they'd exist in either of these cities.
So, are there any places in London or Paris that I simply can't miss while I'm there?

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Ken C

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Best suggestion would be to get a hold of the a copy of either of the PECO magazine's which have listings for most of the better shops.

"Railway Modeller" for shops carrying British outline stock.

"Continental Modeller" for shops carrying North American outline stock.

I get CM every month myself.

Alan Sewell

Joined: Sun Nov 19th, 2017
Location: Hertford, United Kingdom
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Hi ( from 20 miles north of London )
Unfortunately you will find there are very few model railway shops left in London - probably priced out by the high rents and demands fort restaurant and other retail sites over the last few years. Plus of course the rise and rise of internet bargain shopping.
There are a few outside London but depends how far you want to travel, and assuming you will not have a car, how close they are to public transport
Having had a look the two which might be worth looking at are "Ian Allan Book and Model Shop"   They are very close to Waterloo Rail Station. From there you could get a train to "Invitca Model Rail" In Station Road Sidcup. 
Another place ( and I am slightly biased as I used to be a senior manger here ) is the shop of the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden ( the heart of Theatreland ) As well as having one of the best London based souvenir shops in the capital they have some exclusive to the museum railroad and subway ( Underground ) models and books, as well as a range of transport books and other models with mainly, but not exclusively, a London theme. Oh and there is a really great museum attached 
Hope this helps 
Best wishes 

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