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Robert S

Joined: Sun May 27th, 2018
Location: Southwestern PA, Pennsylvania USA
Posts: 2

Just a little bit about myself as an introduction. 

I have been a lurking member of the Freerails Forum, on and off, since 2014.  

I've had a suppressed interested in model railroading since childhood. Unfortunately, I tried to conform to the standards set by my peers and spent my formative years avoiding the hobby in an attempt to be "normal". I did manage to squeeze in time to secretly read model railroading magazines by hiding them between the pages of Sports Illustrated. 

Several years ago, I was "put out to pasture" as the result of a "business decision" and due to the US economy, remained one of the many not counted on the unemployment figures.

At the recommendation of a career counsler, I became reacquainted with my lost interest in model railroading in an attempt at networking to find another job.

I joined the NMRA and got involved with their modular railroad group and attended several local Greenberg Train and Toy shows. At one of the Greenberg shows, I was intrigued by the quaint On30 products made available by Bachmann. But that direction changed before it even got started as I discovered a local and very active S-gauge group and gravitated to their S-scale modular layout sub-group.

As a member of the NASG, I attended several S-scale shows and conventions.  Around this time I began to notice how the hobby operated. I noticed that several large companies made most of the ready-to-run stuff. There were a few mid-sized companies doing specialized products but it was the little mom & pop shops that made up the rest of the hobby's products and services that got my attention. So, I decided to look for a void that needed filled.

That's how I found Battery Power Radio Control. With my engineering background I felt it was a good fit and worth taking the plunge. So I tested the waters and found more customers than I expected. Needless to say, I quickly became overwhelmed. My early customers pointed me towards a niche in BPRC that was not very often being done . . . small scale locomotives with on-board BPRC systems. What I mean is that the receiver, battery, voltage boost board and on-off-charge control are all mounted inside the locomotive or tender. 

Brass locomotive conversions are the most challenging and are my favorites. Most need remotoring which frees up a little more space for the BPRC system. I just completed a HO 3-truck Climax with all components out-of-sight inside the cab and oil bunker while maintaining the view through the cab windows. 

My first customers wanted DelTang systems installed. That's how I met The On30 Guy, my DelTang supplier in the states. I eventually stumbled upon the narrow gauge crowd and never looked back. Most of my customers are narrow-minded, as in, narrow gaugers. 
I became active in On30, attending several narrow gauge events. The On30 community has been a very supportive and accommodating group of model railroaders. I have yet to encounter a serious "Rivet Counter". 

I have an interest in modular layouts and find On30 to be very active in my area. My future plans are to attempt to get an On30 modular group together in my area. 

My layout style choice should come as no surprise, point-to-point modular switching layouts. 

As you can see, I am very much interested in R/C of model railroads and this is the reason I again sought membership in Freerails. I want to both seek knowledge and share what little knowledge I have gained. I have noticed during my time as a lurker that Battery Power Radio Control is a popular topic on Freerails.

My small business, Rerailer Hobbies LLC., exists to promote Battery Power Radio Control of trains. I am listed as an installer on The On30 Guy website and BlueRail Trains website. And although the website does not list installers, I am an approved S-Cab installer also. My business does not presently have a website but I do have a FaceBook business page.

I am a former electronics engineering technician and was employed as a test engineer.

I have recently added G-scale to my interests and am presently planning a small garden switching railroad. I guess this means I'm a rubber-gauger . . . guilty!

Lastly, rest assured, I am not on Freerails to drum-up business. I got plenty of that. I'm just looking for another venue to enjoy this wonderful hobby.


Michael M

Joined: Thu Jan 26th, 2017
Location: San Bernardino, California USA
Posts: 1237

Welcome aboard!

Always great to get another new member.
We (especially me) can always use someone knowledgeable with BPRC.

Robert S

Joined: Sun May 27th, 2018
Location: Southwestern PA, Pennsylvania USA
Posts: 2

Thank you for the warm welcome!

Steven B

Joined: Thu Aug 13th, 2015
Location: Virginia USA
Posts: 406
Hey there Robert.

There is always room for another On30 guy in the mix.
I want to explore BPRC for my layout.
I look forward to your contributions.
I'm SW VA, maybe we will run into each other some time.



Joined: Wed Jan 25th, 2012
Posts: 102
Welcome aboard.

If you're of a mind, drop by the McKeesport club some Friday evening.
We have our own building on Walnut Street, east of downtown.
The club is HO, but we all speak "train".

We've been rebuilding the layout to be more operational.
Had a recent setback when the city told us our staging area violated electrical panel access codes,
and we had to remove it all so no trains are running at present.

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