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Adapting N Gauge Brass Kits
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 Posted: Sun Sep 2nd, 2018 05:32 am
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Maurice Hopper

Joined: Sat Sep 1st, 2018
Location: Exeter, United Kingdom
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Yesterday I finished making these two buildings; a U.K. signal box and water tower.  
The signal box kit was designed as a single unit, but I removed the brick base to make a ground level box. 
This allowed the water tank to be made using the base. 
Two for the price of one!
The kit is by Severn Models and make up extremely well.
The three layers of brass fret for the signal box windows were soldered together before cutting the wooden top part of the box away from the brick base.  This was done by scoring along the etched line between the top brick course and the bottom plank using a piece of old hacksaw blade, ground to a sharp hook shape.  After about four pulls it was weak enough to bend and break with a clean 'cut'.
The water tank was made from some scrap plastic sheet and needs to be shaped and have some strapping added.  When painted it will be filled with some gloss varnish to represent the water.
Both these items will end up on my 2mmFS East Anglia layout.... the water tower neglected and out of use and the signal box down-graded to a level crossing ground-frame operated by the train crew of the few remaining good trains!  The station building has already been demolished, so that is one less building to make!

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