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One of my many fancies is collecting and operating Japanese electric locos.
They come from sophisticated Tenshodo models to rather crude contraptions which are more toys than models.

Halfway between there are a number of models of 4-4-4 streamlined locos, with three four wheel power trucks,
the loco actually riding on the outer ones, the center dummy truck free to follow the curvature of tracks.

This one is an Ken Kidder EF80.12 ... however, its possible it was sold by others under different names too. 

The downfall of those things is the vertical shaft open frame motor which is suspect to smoking up decoders... 
and, with its direct worm drive on the axles, is less than optimal anyway.

However, I decided to gamble and install two cheap Lenz decoders and wait what would happen.

Decoders are attached to a brass plate, one bellow, one on the upper side.
To give some margin of protection I installed an interference suppression kit on each motor.

That's the status right now, she works ok - actually runs and tracks better than expected.

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