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Another excursion to my misguided youth...

At age nine, I watched for weeks a HAG Bruenig rack loco go up and down one meter of steep track, at a local train show.
I knew I had to have a rack loco too!

Well, the ubiquitous Fleischmann locos didn't appeal to me.
No challenge, even for an teenager.
So the project was shelved for 40 years.
Then The Caboose in Wolcott had one of his dreaded  sales...
Leftover things from the bottom of the boxes.
Amongst other things, a complete Micro-Meta Kit drive of an Bavarian cog steamer, for an apple and an egg. 

After a long time of mulling over various US type superstructures that might fit
- none really did -
I decided on a boiler leftover from a PFM Ma.& Pa. 2-8-0, and a PSC old time cab (think this is a Pennsy. type).

As this combination towers high over the chassis and I had to close the gap somehow,
I remembered two highly different locos which had their cab high in the air too:

The 'Reuben Wells' of the Pennsy, and those weird Oakland suburban tank locos, of which one is preserved.

So I butchered a cheap Model Power tender - the shape was ok to represent water tanks and coal space.
Finally lettered her for my Buckhorn Mining Co, and in contrast to the otherwise shabby equipment she got some brass accents.
Now I need at least a short stretch of rack line!

One of the shortcomings of this $$$$ drive is, that the rack mechanism and the actual drive are in synchron all the time.
So the distinctive "starting the rack engine" when entering the rack section cant be reproduced.
The rack engine will be in motion on plain track as well.



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That makes a unique machine. And yes, that is their PRR cab.


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That looks great Gerold. Your solution with the tank under the cab works perfect. It is all in harmony with each other.


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