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Joined: Wed Apr 3rd, 2013
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We have a problem with our broadband connection.
Every once in a while, the phone line gets noisy. 
After a couple of days, it gets better again. 
No-one seems to know why, and no-one can fix it. 

the system in the local exchange that runs the broadband network,
does not like it AT ALL!
It detects the noise, and shuts the broadband speed down to 200k.  
The trouble is, it then stops monitoring the line,
so when the noise goes away, the line stays at 200k.
The only way to get the speed restored,
is for someone from the phone company to come out and check the line,
then get the exchange to manually reset the speed.

As it's the holiday period, the line went down on Wednesday,
but the person from the phone company isn't coming until tomorrow. 
That's six days later.

200k     is      S L O W.       

V E R Y    S L O W.        V E R Y    V E R Y    S L O W.    

Most websites are full of software and high res video,
that takes minutes to load. 
Five minutes is not uncommon. 
So I have given up on those over the week-end.  

But Freerails loads just like normal.
THANK YOU FREERAILS for keeping me sane this weekend!


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