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Fairfield Brooklyn 'Laconia' Streetcar
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 Posted: Wed Jun 12th, 2019 06:25 am
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Working just now on two turn of the century streetcars. 

One is an Fairfield / Model Traction Systems car,
that came complete and with the patina of many decades.

It had a weird drive arrangement with an oversize motor mounted at an angle,
driving one axle of one of the Brill type 45  'Maximum Traction' trucks.

Gave it a try to keep the single axle drive...

Found a nondescript can motor that exactly fits in the opening of the floor.

The crude worm drive could be arranged to fit the new orientation of the motor shaft,
and was connected with a short piece of silicone tube.

This gives me a free view through the interior. 

First test run was a disaster,
as insulating discs were missing on two axles,
and one of the idler axles was put into its truck wrong.

With this corrected, everything went ok,
however the old brass wheels hadn't the best contact to the rails.

Added my standard nickel-silver pickup wipers to the inside of the insulated wheels.

Haven't the body here right now, but with a suitable weight,
the traction of the single axle is sufficient to move the thing.


Glued small polystyrene blocks to the inside of the sideframes,
formed wipers from wire,
and melted them into the blocks with a soldering gun.

Quick + dirty way to attach them - gluing wires under tension is a frustrating job. 

(I am aware it would be nicer to use small pieces of circuit board, and solder the wires to it,
but  the soldering gun job works well for me) 

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