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Hello all,

First of all, I'm hoping I'm posting this in the correct Forum.

Second, I recently bought a 'new in box' (which it was, plastic was still intact),
HO Bachmann Spectrum Class-B 2-truck Climax locomotive.

Upon placing it on the track and attempting a first operation for the new loco,
I noticed that the motor ran, the driveshaft for the cylinders ran, and the output driveshaft ran,
however the plastic "CV" joints at each end of the metal shaft, did not turn,
the metal spun inside them,.

Then upon inspecting the trucks, because it seemed to roll funny,
I noticed that the plastic gears in both trucks seemed stripped.

I ordered a new driveshaft/output shaft from Bachmann, with metal gears,
and I ordered all new trucks with metal gears.
After installing the new parts, now the new drive/output shaft does not turn at all,
however I can hear the motor run and watch the cylinders/pistons function.

I've done a bit of research,
and been told to investigate the main driveshaft in the gearbox, and it's plastic gear set.
However, upon trying to order one from Bachmann, it shows they're sold out.

I've been told NWSL makes a replacement gearbox,
however looking on their website I was unable to locate one.

Any and all help is Very much appreciated,
as I would really like to get this money pit loco running again.


John G.

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W C Greene

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Howdy John,
I built up a Bachmann HO Climax into an On30 loco for a friend years ago, but it was new in the box,
I'll bet yours is "new in the box" from fleabay or some online seller.
However, can you take a photo of the drivetrain and post it, maybe I can offer an idea.
I believe it is probably the same type as the On30 Climax but can't be sure.
NWSL is on again/off again now and probably off for good by now.
Just a photo or two if you can and maybe me or some smarter dude can diagnose the problem.
Sorry you are having problems, but it probably can be fixed.



Joined: Mon Jun 18th, 2012
Location: Soledad, California USA
Posts: 34
I got in touch with Bachmann.
I explained to them how I had acquired the loco,
what condition it was in upon purchase,
how I had attempted to fix it,
and what I suspected the problem to be.

Their reply was,
that they see this problem with the gearbox a lot, especially with the older series of Climaxes,
and that I can send it back to them for repair, along with a money order for an amount,
and that they would look at it,
tell me what repairs it needs, and then we could go from there. 

I'm going to try this route, and I'll keep you all updated on how things progress,
because it sounds like this is a quite frequent problem,
and it might help others in getting their locomotives repaired.

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