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Best D.C.C. Controller For Radio Control ?
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 Posted: Wed Oct 2nd, 2019 01:24 pm
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Steve P

Joined: Fri Apr 20th, 2018
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I have been building a system, as described in:  this topic.

I have built a range of hardware accessories, as described:  here.

I have also been integrating everything to run under JMRI/Open LCB. 
I had to build a custom LCB gateway, to tie JMRI to all my custom hardware.
This was a large task, but it is now running.


One of the more difficult problems, was learning how to configure/use JMRI itself. 
As I am using MTH/DCS locos,
I was expecting to "reverse engineer" DCS, and add that to JMRI. 

At this point I think it would be better to use DCC/deadrail, at least to get started,
so as to avoid the steep JMRI learning curve, while coding/debugging DCS drivers. 

Once that works, I can decide whether to bother with DCS. 

I can always use the DCC hardware for a freight yard switcher,
which would benefit from the smaller electronics package.
(That MTH controller is big)

So the question is:

What would be a good candidate for a DCC controller, run via WiFi,
that would install nicely into a G scale boxcar with batteries?

Steve P

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 Posted: Thu Oct 3rd, 2019 10:55 am
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Hi Steve  :wave:

I think maybe your answers are in the Freerails 'R.C. Forum'.  :old dude:

Although systems like 'DelTang', lack the D.C.C. sophistication ...
... there are a few, much more advanced D.C.C. solutions, being talked about there.  :brill:

You possibly want to look at 'BlueRail' & 'Tam Valley' Topics.  L:

Nice work on all your signal electronics !  :thumb:




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