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Hello From Wales
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 Posted: Tue Nov 26th, 2019 05:09 pm
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John Boshier

Joined: Tue Nov 26th, 2019
Location: United Kingdom
Posts: 5

I was told to join Freerails by someone on the Narrow Gauge Railway Modelling Online,
because of my interest in radio control, although I have lurked here in the past.

I've nearly got an Arduino based RC system for locos and layout control working,
that should be able to control all my small and micro layouts from one Tx,
saving me loads of wiring.

I'll write about it when I've got a bit further.

I've got too many part built layouts at the moment,
in OO, EM, P4 (including 7ft broad gauge), O9, O-16.5 and O,
but it's stuff I've wanted to do for years, and if I don't do it now it may be too late!

Progress is very slow though, as life keeps getting in the way!

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 Posted: Tue Nov 26th, 2019 09:11 pm
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Lee B

Joined: Tue Dec 9th, 2014
Location: The Pacific NW, By Way Of The Deep South, USA
Posts: 1070

Can't wait to see what you have in mind.


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 Posted: Wed Nov 27th, 2019 12:46 am
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W C Greene

Joined: Fri May 4th, 2007
Location: Royse City, Texas USA
Posts: 8253
Howdy John, welcome to Freerails.

Since you have been using radio control, your wiring troubles are a thing of the past.
I am interested in your 7' broad gauge work, even though I model the other direction...2 foot gauge.
Do you have any photos of broad gauge models?


It doesn't matter if you win or lose, its' how you rig the game.
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 Posted: Sat Nov 30th, 2019 06:45 pm
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Huw Griffiths

Joined: Wed Oct 21st, 2009
Location: Cwmbran, Wales, United Kingdom
Posts: 263
Hello John - and "welcome aboard".

I hope you enjoy being on this site, in fact, I'd be surprised if you don't,
as a number of people here seem to be into radio control.

As for Arduino based R/C, this all sounds rather technical to me,
I wonder how much setting up it involves.

(Just for the record, I think I'd better apologise,
that it's a while since I've been active on here.
Unfortunately, my parents' health has been, and still is, an issue)

However, as other people here have commented,
your build projects sound rather interesting.

As for the models of 7ft gauge prototypes,
I can't help wondering if these might include dark green locos,
and dark brown and cream coloured coaches.

Just out of curiosity, would I be right in guessing,
that some guy with a cigar and a tall stovepipe hat,
might have had something to do with some of the prototypes?

Seriously though, whether or not your interests include the Great Western Railway,
the broad gauge models are likely to involve a lot of model making,
as broad gauge doesn't seem to be very well supported by RTR manufacturers.

All the best with your modelmaking.

Regards, Huw.

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