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Molding With R.T.V. Casting Materials
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 Posted: Fri Mar 6th, 2020 06:39 pm
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For me the 'Alumailite' products make mold making quite easy,
even for the beginner (like me).


Product information can be found here :-

How to's are well done on the Alumailite site :-

Here you can find products for molding in plaster, resin etc.

My projects so far have utilized plaster molds for stone walls,
I got my original mold of a FSM stone wall, from MadMike years ago.

I made a copy in plaster of it, and split it making it narrower,
for an approximate 42" building foundation/wainscot.

I made 1 mold, with 2 originals in the 1 mold.

I had enough material left in the small kit, to make a mold for 55 Gallon drums,
of which I've made 1/2 dozen out of plaster since making it.

I have not tried my hand at resin yet,
but imagine it would not be a lot different, other than perhaps set up time and cost.
Resin will cost more than simple plaster of Paris parts.

If you decide to try these products,
follow the instructions and best of luck to you.

As a tip, I found foam core board to be excellent for making the mold boxes.
Seal it with a good tape on the outside before pouring mold material.
You do not want ANY leaks.

I glued down each piece to a foam core base.
Once dry I taped each corner first, then around the bottom perimeter,
to insure it could not leak.

Good Luck !

Getting old aint for Sissies!!! ;)
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