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Reducing N-Trak Module Weight
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 Posted: Sun Apr 5th, 2020 04:54 pm
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When one does public displays and train shows, using N-Trak or oNe-Trak modules,

one of the down sides is, the weight of the modules,

when you move them from your car to the display space,

and when done, back to your car.

The really heavy ones are the corners and junctions.

One of the local T-Trak club members,

has a module that is equal to six singles long by 14" deep.

With multiple tracks, buildings and scenery,

it is lighter then a standard 2 Ft x 4 Ft N-Trak module with no scenery.

Has anyone looked at a way to reduce the weight of a standard N-Trak or oNe -Trak module?

Lets keep the end piece 1/2" plywood, but make the rest out of 1/4" or 6 mm plywood.

Yes, we would have to add an additional cross piece or two for strength.

When doing a public display or train show,

another down side to N-Trak and oNe-Trak is the 40” height.

T-Trak sits at about 33” on a table,

much easier for young people and those in wheelchairs to see.

Has anyone done a leg setup that will allow both the standard 40” height and a 30” height?

Yes, we would probably want to add Plexiglas to the front.

Any other ideas?

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