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Joined: Tue Nov 13th, 2018
Location: Vienna, Austria
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Today I show you a tiny work motor I just finished.

That's a model imported in 1965 by Fairfield/Model Traction Systems.

I bought it online when visiting Venice/Italy ten years ago! 
It came with a wrong floor, which didn't fit well.

Some years later I bought a correct Brill truck with an Faulhaber motor.
However, it still drives only one axle, by means of an archaic worm/gear set.

So the couplers are for looks, it never will pull a train.
Painted it with my special Traction orange mix....
Revell #30 orange, solid gloss + #88 ochre, solid matt, mixed 1:1. 
Gives a semi gloss coat, that looks just right for my weary eyes.

A lesson I learned Friday at midnight....
When fitting the floor to the body, take care the screws won't touch the contacts of the LEDs.
The decoder doesn't like this, and tells you by emitting smokes of biting smoke !

Also took a picture of it next to an old brass FT... to show its diminutive size. 

Ken C

Joined: Tue Jun 16th, 2015
Location:  Calgary, Alberta Canada
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Even if it cannot haul a car,

a very nice addition to your fleet.  :2t:

David Laughery

Joined: Sun Jan 20th, 2019
Location: Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania USA
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I like it very much.

Regards, Dave L.

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