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'Randim Stackum & Wrackem Inc.' ... G-Scale
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 Posted: Wed Jul 21st, 2021 02:54 pm
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Hi all,

Now that I've broken cover here about large scale forklifts,
here's the story about the ultra-small layout these forklifts were used on. 

First a teaser "reminder" of one of the forklifts.

In the background is the pallet rack,
that became part of the "Randim Stackum & Wrackem Inc." layout. 

The story behind this layout was first told on the Gnatterbox forum.
The version here will be an abbreviated version. 

Back in 2008/2009 there was a small layout competition,
to be held as part of the 2009 Australian Narrow Gauge convention,
that would be held over Easter 2009 in Sydney.

The maximum dimensions for the whole layout,
were set at 450 mm by 600 mm (18" by 24").

For an "additional" challenge,
I tried to model in as big a scale as I could. 

So how about something like a rail-served warehouse with some "wrinkles",
like operational forklift trucks that could actually load and stack stuff ??

And add in the electronic selection of what moves where ?
And also add in a tailored soundtrack, with its own speaker rig.  

Meet the "Randim Stackum & Wrackem Inc." 
Whose corporate motto is "You Pack It - We Stack it"

This photo is of the layout in an almost completed state.
With the supports for both landings next to the rack yet to be added,
as well as some wiring to be straightened out still to be done. 

The story of how I got from the idea to here will be along soon.

Including why that's a different forklift out on the deck of the warehouse,
than the one in the first photo.  

John Garaty
Unanderra in oz
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