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 Posted: Thu Apr 19th, 2018 08:06 pm
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Here's the 'Low Pass Filter' originally Posted in   >> THE REPLICANT <<   Thread.

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I mentioned a while back, that >> THE REPLICANT << would be using a 'LOW PASS FILTER' as part of it's operation.

I had a chance to search out a suitable candidate for this the other day.

It's very simple to connect up & operate.
A soldering-iron or board-plugs are not even needed, as it has nice chunky screw-terminals.
It cost me £2.97p inc P&P and will arrive here soon.

If you use the search-term 'LOW PASS FILTER BOARD' on eBay, you will find it very easily.

More on how it will be used, to follow.

Here it is.

Put simply, this 'Low Pass Filter' allows the sound-spectrum to be split into 2 parts.

This 'split' is variable between 30 Hz & 300 Hz.

Sound is essentially 'Non-Directional' below about 150 Hz depending on perception.

Tiny little speakers in locos cannot reproduce anything like these frequencies properly.

Since these frequencies are 'Non-Directional' they can be heard 'everywhere' from just 1 suitable speaker.

NOT a 'sub-woofer' as such & nor are such speakers suitable either, they 'split' way to low at maybe 50 Hz ish.




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