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 Posted: Wed Apr 25th, 2018 08:32 am
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There seems to be some confusion on my behalf of the NMRA standard voltage for DCC at the rails.I recently replaced my Uhlenbrock controller to the intellibox II which has 20 volts at the track.A few of my decoders in the past went up in smoke as they were designed to operate on 15 volts and some tolerated the old controller(intellibox) that had an output of 18 volts at the rails.Now with 20 volts I can expect to have a few more melt downs , so what is the standard voltage? It seems to me the standard voltage in the USA is 15 volts and in Europe it is 27-28 volts,but each manufacturer seems to advertise made to NMRA standards,which one is right?Is there American labelled decoders that will withstand 28 volts?..................Peter 

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