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 Posted: Fri Jun 8th, 2018 09:32 pm
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" I already have plans to replace the plastic wheels with metal.
I have a small stock of Kadee wheels and more on the way.  

I have to say that I am not thrilled to death with either the Atlas or the Micro-Engineering turnouts.
I have been running a variety of equipment over them and I am not experiencing derailments,
but they just are not as smooth as I would hope.
Equipment rocks and bumps over them about the same as my sloppiest handlaid turnouts."

Hi Reg  :wave:

I checked out some 'Hornby' OO track last year, for running some of my vintage 'Tri-ang' HO stuff on.  :old dude:

The pretty deep wheel flanges clear the quite low-profile 'spikes' easily, on the 'Hornby' straights & curves.  :)

However, on the switches, the flange depth clearance decreases MASSIVELY at the frogs.  :shocked:

Where they have moulded the frog-base pretty darn HIGH, compared to the generous Code-100 rail clearance.

Some older HO plastic wheelsets can be fairly deep, with Kadees being not deep at all.

Tricky with deep flanged locos though.  :f:




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