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 Posted: Wed Jun 20th, 2018 10:25 am
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" The prime contributor to the rockin' and rollin' was loose trucks.
The previous owner seemed to think that really wobbly trucks had some kind of performance advantage.
Changing out the wheels and adjusting the trucks properly really improved the behavior of that car."

Hi Reg  :wave:

Yeah ... 'wobblers' always made my ol' friend Brian laugh like a drain !

He always said that those boxcar loads were ... JELLY !  :P

I've been swapping out swingin' '60s 'Tri-ang' plastic wheels, on my modded diecast trucks ...

... for 'Kadee' On30 D.& R.G.W. Griffin ones, & 'Hornby' Brit. spoked & disc wheels ...

... plus just lately, I've tried some 'Intermountain' HO wheels, imported from the U.S.  L:

Quite a few sizes to choose from, for my different builds & all run real smooth & look great.  :thumb:

I always try & adjust my truck mounting screws really carefully & drill TIGHT ! holes for them ...

... a very small, thin & smooth washer, between the truck & underframe is good as well.

Could even whack a bit of GRAPHITE in there as well.  :brill:

Good to hear that the only 'Rock n Roll' will be on the radio now, at Henderson Bay !  ;)




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