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 Posted: Sat Oct 13th, 2018 03:26 am
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Steve P

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This winter I am going to design signals and controllable switches for my Gauge One RR.

I have two other threads for this RR:

The track design:

The control and battery car designs:

I expect to design the control around LCC: Layout Command & Control.  
Any opinions on this?  
Any suggested alternatives?

My first project will be prototype searchlight signals, using UP aspects of the 40's & 50's.
I have obtained 3 watt hi-power RGB LEDs and control ICs for the search lights. 

Expecting to use PWM from an Arduino board,
to light them up, change color, accept LCC commands, etc.

After this I expect to tackle LCC controllable switches.  
I am using LGB switches, but am not impressed with the motor units they sell.
Will experiment with servos and feedback micro-switches, again LCC connected.  
Any ideas/experiences in this area would be appreciated.

Steven P

Beaver Lode Railway
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