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 Posted: Sat Nov 10th, 2018 04:09 am
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Reg H

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I decided to quit high jacking Alan's diesel logging thread and start one for the logging branch on my layout.

In keeping with the general theme, the logging operation has been named the 'Henderson Bay Timber Co.".  
Keeping the theme pure would have resulted in the "Henderson Timber Co.", but adding the "Bay" seems to help it roll off the tongue.   
Those who know my history and the history of this layout will understand. 

For those not following the HO/OO thread, I am building an HO layout roughly patterned after the Northern Pacific Raymond Branch.  
But the name of my fictional branch is the Henderson Bay Branch and tends much more strongly to Great Northern.   
You can follow progress on the Class 1 part of the layout in the HO/OO thread.  
I am moving discussions of the logging operation here. 

Not much to report on the mill yet.  The foundation is approaching completion, but not without some adventures.   
It is always a mistake to get in a hurry, and there never should be a reason that parts are not test fit before final assembly.

I got in a hurry and made some pretty monumental mistakes.  
The result is that I have been doing repairs to some broken parts and fabricating one duplicate part.  

On the brighter side:

An online retailer, Train World, Inc., had these on sale for $49.95 each.  DCC equipped and painted as you see it.  So I bought two.  

As the Simpson Timber Co. often did, I can picture one on each end of a string of skeleton log cars.

I will be looking for some dry transfers to add numbers.  A little light weathering will bring out the details.  
I haven't programmed them yet, so can't report on running characteristics, but the reviews are good.  
Programming will wait until after they are numbered.


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