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 Posted: Mon Dec 24th, 2018 04:41 pm
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Bob Davis


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I'm Bob Davis and glad to be a hapless noob.

I grew up with Lionel trains,
modeled HO with my grandpa and later with my dad, tried N a couple times,
but have always returned to Lionel.
Most of my modeling has been what's called "Hi-Rail" …
my version of this includes scale-ish modeling (1:48, 1:50, & whatever O27 scales to)
with fairly realistic scenery.

My "Big Awesome Layout" was a 3+ level 11x21 ft wrap-around train room,
that lasted 16 years before taking down to make room for other things in life.

That room is not coming back, so I'm looking to the garden,
and hoping to re-use the trains I've had in storage the last 7 years.

Moving outdoors in the Pacific Northwest,
I want to convert to battery-powered locos and un-powered track,
and do away with the 3rd rail while I'm at it.

In joining Freerails,
I hope I can learn from and contribute to a lively and diverse community,
all in the quest to make do and build on what's currently at hand.



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