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 Posted: Sun Jan 27th, 2019 04:32 pm
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W C Greene

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Looks great. Be sure to make the bridge a tad longer than the largest lokie you plan to have.
My 2 tables are too short for turning the 2-4-4-2 so she runs tender first half the time!
Derek's plan for a paint stand reminded me of my using one of those 3 level paint bottle storage things given to me by a buddy.
It was a wiggly thing that I didn't use because it was unbalanced with too many bottles.
One day I "kitbashed" it and used the lazy susan base for a painting turntable and pitched the rest.
(including some old funky paint which he gave me also!)

On the TT bridge, you might consider the old Atlas HO bridge girders,
they are 9" long and can be lengthened with a razor saw and glue.
I have used them before. But then, I love old wooden TT's so that's what I have.


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