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 Posted: Thu Apr 25th, 2019 07:43 pm
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Using some double-backed tape, as a third set of hands, to hold down the super-capacitors.

These super-capacitors have a white-stripe, to show the negative side.

Using small needle nose pliers, bend the contact wire so they meet each other, with a little overlap for soldering.

The end wires are bent at a right angle.

Caps soldered.

3.3K Ohm resistor and 15 Volt Zener-diode will go in parallel to the super-capacitors.

Positive end of the diode, to the positive side of the caps.

I mistakenly ordered 5 Watt resistors that are quite large,
should have gone with 1 Watt ones instead.

Next up is the 68 Ohm resistor and 1N4001 regular-diode.
These will be soldered in parallel with each other.

The negative end then soldered to the positive end of the caps.

Blue wire soldered to the positive end of the circuit.

This will connect to the common positive of the decoder.

The Black to the negative on the decoder.

Waiting for some 3/4" heat shrink tubing, to contain the whole circuit.

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