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 Posted: Mon May 13th, 2019 09:31 pm
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Antonin Massiera

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Hello everyone !  :wave:

My name is Antonin, I am 33 years old, I live in France (West, Brittany),
and I have always been a fan of trains.
I tried layout projects several times, more than a decade ago,
but they were failures that marked me ...

So, when I got back into model railroading in February 2018,
I looked for a scale that was neither too big nor too small,
a train with which I could play on the kitchen table.

And I found it !

The TT-scale is not dead in Europe.
So I ordered a Tillig starter set, with a typical GDR era locomotive, and its three freight wagons.
And later, switches, rails, some additional freight wagons from the same era ...

Then, for my last birthday, another set with a "Traxx" diesel locomotive
(the real one is built by Bombardier),
and two freight wagons, from the MÀV, the Hungarian railways !

So far, I've been playing on my table.
I set up my rails differently each time I play, then I tidy up when I finish:
the Tillig "Bettungsgleis" track (which looks like Roco "Geoline") is holding up well.
A few days ago, I ordered 6 more freight wagons (current era) !

A friend (also a railway modeler) told me a few months ago,
that he could find me a cello or double-bass case to "house" a micro layout,
easily transportable and stowable away from shocks, dust, humidity and greed !

So I like secondary lines and especially freight traffic,
with large diesel locomotives, very low speed switching,
as well as tourist trains and associations for the preservation of old rolling stock.

I leave you with some pictures of my game sessions so far !

See you soon, greetings from France !  :)

- Antonin.  [toast]

Greetings from France !

- Antonin.
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