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 Posted: Thu May 23rd, 2019 01:33 am
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Antonin Massiera

Joined: Mon May 13th, 2019
Location: Quimper, France
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Hello everyone !  :)

Thanks a lot for your replies.

Keep saying I'll setup a proper 'work bench' somewhere sensible. :dt:
But the coffee is at hand & the J.B.L.s on the wall, keep my feet tapping. :P

Oh yeah !

Usually, when I play on my kitchen's table,
I listen to a French vintage humor show (known as "Les Grosses TĂȘtes"),
or often to uplifting Trance, in streaming from my desktop computer.

And my coffee mug is far away from the train, to avoid any damage ... :!:

I'm also from France, not far from you, near Rostrenen in central Brittany, although I'm English.
TT is however, one of the few scales I don't model in !

Hello !

Oh, so we're kind of close :
Rostrenen is a 1h30 car driving eastbound from my actual location  :wave:

TT is one of the few scales you don't practice ?
So you practice almost everything, don't you ? :moose:

Sorry for the late answer, I was quite busy these days ...

See you soon !

Cheers. :cb:

- Antonin.

Greetings from France !

- Antonin.
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