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 Posted: Sun May 26th, 2019 05:27 am
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Hi Ken and all,
Yes please, ONLY if it is not too much trouble.

The reason that the rivet bands on the boiler do not go beyond the top half of the boiler is that I am planning on bricking it in similar to the Lancashire boilers shown in the South Bulli colliery powerhouse photos at

Only the external brickwork around the boiler will be modelled. I also think I can get an "acceptable" vertical feed pump by filling in the fins on a Westinghouse airbrake compressor. I'm still trying to work out in my head how I will manage the flue and main steam line going offstage "into the crowd". I promise that there will be more on powerhouse planning when my build history potholing gets to the mine modules and "what went where" on them.

The powerhouse will be another cutaway building the following photo of the foamcore mock-up should give you an idea of where it fits.

with the boiler going in at the front left of the building.

and a closer look at the end of the trestle over the bunker

This track fed an end-dump tipple - another thing I have to fudge. L:

The skips were shoved into the end-dump tipple manually - another scenic cameo for the trestle. 
Along with Neddy and his wheeler hauling the empty skips away on the other leg of the trestle. (Photo by Dan Pickard)
IMG_6202 by Dan Pick, on Flickr

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