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 Posted: Mon Jun 10th, 2019 01:07 pm
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Tony M

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OK, how did you get to Perth ?
I have only been as far south as Adelaide and that was many years back.

Love to see some pics of your layout,
mine is at a stand still.

Been working on a bridge, it be the main centerpiece of the layout,
main span 14 feet, in two pieces for moving around.

Based on the Story bridge Brisbane cantilever design,
mine is a double deck bridge, actually works, doesn't sag in the middle.

Going into hospital Thursday to have a procedure on Friday,
have to stay in over the weekend,
back be full swing into finishing off the last stage of my layout. 

Crazy this week 27 degrees during the day.
I saw that Grafton is getting a new road bridge,
what is going to happen with the rail bridge road deck top,
building a new rail bridge too.


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