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 Posted: Wed Jul 3rd, 2019 08:24 am
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My experience mainly relates to Lenz decoders,
which I use for all non sound locomotives....
Other decoders may act differently.

However, I use the dimming feature on some locomotives,
where I feel the light emitted by the usual LEDs is too bright....
Like on an old logging loco. 

A problem with Lenz is that you can only dim once....
you enter a value less than 255 for constant dimming,
but then no longer have the option to dim the headlight once more,
when stopping the train.
In this case, I connect the function leads C + D to the front + back lights,
and enter a lower value for them.

So I may operate the loco with F0 at value "150" when underway,
and switch to F2, value "80" when I stop her.

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