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 Posted: Wed Jul 24th, 2019 06:36 pm
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Lee B

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BigLars wrote: Lee,

You might like this angle of the module.

I like that VERY much, thanks for the shot!

It also speaks to a question I had,
in that the other photos looked like the tracks were much too close to the backs of the guns,
but this angle shows that not to be the case.

I've seen in Brit model RR magazines,
where they run tracks almost touching the trails of the guns in their pits,
which wouldn't make any sense as these suckers did move quite a bit from the recoil.

Having been in Ordnance in the Army myself (98 to 2006, active and reserves),
and growing up in a family that took a Civil War 6-pounder to re-enactments,
I've always been interested in artillery.

This module looks great!

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