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 Posted: Tue Aug 27th, 2019 02:18 pm
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Dan Spencer

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Hi all,

My name is Dan Spencer and I'm a Model Railroader!

I started this journey at the age of 13, helping my Dad with his HO scale layout
(Mad River Navigation Railway) Mining & Logging of the Pacific Northwest.

After his passing in 1983, I was able to conceal some of his engines,
and a few pieces of rolling stock, from the greedy hands of others.

Sadly those items never saw the light of day until recently,
when I unearthed a treasure trove of these detailed engines,
and (now damaged) rolling stock.

I spoke to the wife and she offered a 10" deep x 7' long shelf,
in our home office, to display the engines on.

I then started research into Model Railroads and in my many searches,
I discovered an unknown little forum called ... Freerails.
The heavens opened and the angelic choir sounded!
I am now addicted!

That little shelf has started to get track and trees...
but its too small for the trains (2-6-4's) and now I've discovered HOn30.
HO trains that run on N gauge track!?!?
WHO would have ever thought of such a thing!?!?!

Well, the engines have gone back in their boxes,
to be displayed in a nice glass display case,
and the shelf will be a new HOn30 train layout.

I have old Atlas track, with only two switches.
No budget and limited time.

This forum has been WAY more inspiring than any other site out there
(well, except for

I am thrilled to be here.


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