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 Posted: Sun Sep 8th, 2019 02:34 pm
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Bob R

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Given that you have not begun yet I'll offer a couple thoughts. 

If you are not modeling a specific prototype,
the scale does not necessarily equate to the size area needed to build a layout. 

As an example look at Woodie's 1/35th scale Big Bend Two Foot Gauge. 
The average car length and locomotive is no bigger than a standard gauge HO.
Structures and details are larger but selectively compressing them results in structures similar in size to HO.
Similarly, look at my Geneseo Railway. 
Not for everyone I know but, 15-18 inch gauge equipment is smaller than HO in length.
Again the space that structures occupies is no more than most HO due to selective compression. 
I began with a 2x8 switching module which offered a lot of operation. 

Larger scales usually mean less overall structures but greater detail and easier construction. 
If space is the main concern keep an open mind. 
If you have a specific theme or prototype in mind then that may limit you. 
Of course you will need to consider availability of items specific to the scale you are considering.
Anything other than N, HO and O will have a lot less to offer and dictate more scratch building. 
For Woodie and I the scratch building and not seeing your models on other layouts is a large part of the draw. 
Also - we both claim to be cheap.

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