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 Posted: 2 Dec 2019 03:53 pm
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Tom Harbin


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Si. wrote:
Perhaps Freerails needs an 'Anti-Technology Thread'.  :shocked:  ???  L:

We could ban all 'Techies' from Posting in it ...  (_!_)  ;)

... & only discuss  "low/no tech solutions" !  :rah:  :dt:

I guess you & Doug would sign up !  [toast]

I wonder if there are any other Luddites lurking around here ?  L:


I think anyone that does MRR has to have a little Luddite in them.  :)

I'm not against technology,
I just find that at times I prefer not to use it.
I'm still thinking about,
paper cutters, 3D-printers (especially resin) laser cutters, CNC mills, etc.

But I spend a LOT of time on computers,
and find working with wood and foam and glue and paint ... kind of relaxing.

Chances are pretty good,
that I will end up investing in at least one of these gizmos at some point,
because I'm a little tired of flimsy construction on small parts.

It would almost be worth it just to get usable inside window sashes.


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