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 Posted: Thu Feb 13th, 2020 03:05 pm
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Steve P

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I made a series of switch motor boxes,
each with a different style of hole for weather testing:
  • 1: box without any additional holes.
  • 2: box with the "throw lever" switch installed.
  • 3: box with 0/039" hole and 0.039" rod.
  • 4: box with 0.039" rod running thru 1mm ID silicone sleeve.
  • 5: box with 0.039" rod running thru pair of 1mm ID silicone o-rings.
I placed a cobalt chloride moisture and humidity detection test paper inside each box.
The boxes have clear lids so I will be able to monitor them for leaks without opening.

The boxes are positioned on the trestle with the holes facing the wind/snow:

02-17-2020:  4" snow storm last night, all boxes dry inside.  :2t:

I took a chance and placed a "medium run" order for 40 of the PCBs.

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