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 Posted: Sun Feb 16th, 2020 01:43 am
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Tony M

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I am well under way with building the new rail bridge spanning the Cam River.

Will start off with the rail bridge first, called Cam River Bridge,
and build the road deck later beside the rail bridge.

I am basing the rail bridge on the Crimean Bridge in Russia.

The road bridge wont have the top arch,
small arch underneath the bridge, road deck be higher,

Deciding weather to have 4-lanes, with emergency lanes,
so people can look over and watch the trains go by.

The arch be built with two 12mm ply joined together,
couldn't make the arch one full arch, so I joined up three pieces to make the arch.

The main beam be in three pieces as well, because I can't get timber 14 feet in length.

Main beam with be joined together with two pieces, as in the bridge plan,
sides being 2 and a half inches high.

I am waiting for my brother to bring his better jig-saw so I can cut the arches to size.

The curves decking, has come form my old spiral, not usrd in the new layout.

Tried to get an 8 foot curved arch out of the 6 foot curves, didn't work using what I have.

The two straight pieces at each end, be 2 foot long, cut to shape once the arches are cut.

I like the way the stairs are on the real bridge,
will do the same, only needing one set of hand rails.

Yep planning a jumping area at the top of the bridge, for glider and power-glides.

Wednesday be our hottest day, 36 degrees and afternoon storm.

Have sorted out the garden shed, to make more work space,
can fit two modules now, Wow.

Still an issue with water coming in at the side where the bridges are,
will reseal tomorrow in the morning.

Be test storm predicted in the afternoon, Wednesday, hot day 36 degrees.
Hot today, is 34 degrees, feels like 36, was 32 degrees at 9 am when we got out of bed.

There be a second beam going in as well as in the real bridge,
height of arch being 3 feet from rail deck.


Do you have that pic. of the bloke jumping off the French cable stay bridge ?  Funny pic.

I have being sorting out my pic. folders, deleting some, may model that, ha, ha.  :)  :)

Tony from cloudy down under.

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