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 Posted: Wed Feb 19th, 2020 11:32 am
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Tony M

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Thanks Si.

I will save the pic, a question to ask,
what happened to my Ro-Ro ship in 1:87 scale thread, and the bridge thread,
from time time, do threads get cleaned out if not in use..

Will start a new thread on the Ro-Ro ship build,
actually started work again after 12 weeks,
got one more bulkhead to cut out on the stern section.

Hi Peter.

We had a storm earlier on tonight, will check the shed tomorrow morning
I had to reseal one side, fingers crossed the shed is dry.

Can't wait till mid March, so I can start work on the new layout,
was a stinker of a day today, was 36 but felt it was 40 degrees,
same again tomorrow.

Cooler weekend coming of,
can't do anything helping my train club having a sausage  sizzle,
make a start on the bridge Sunday and mark out the arches ready to be cut.

How is the bush fires going in Victoria ?
Don't hear much now.

We had wild weather copped 220 mm's of rain in a few days   


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