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 Posted: Sat Feb 22nd, 2020 09:34 pm
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One of the joys of running trains at true eye-level (1), where only one rail can be seen,
is adapting rolling stock with spoked wheels.  

Oftentimes it is not prototypical,
but the visual joy benefit outweighs (horrors!) fidelity.

Fein-Mechanik (sp?) made lovely spoked wheels in HO,
that were sported on almost all 900+ DR Epoch III passenger and freight cars.

Now that the HO is being scrapped for beggars' wages in favor of O 1:45,
yet keeping the (now almost) eye-level vantage, 
are there spoked wheels commercially available, which will fit Lenz O-scale rolling stock?


(1) - Eye-level running may be good for the basement owner,
but it is oftentimes dreadful for guests,
as they are, most likely, not seeing things from the same height.  

Devices such as steps, ladders and platform shoes help only a little,
and do nothing for the good sense of balance needed to prevent nausea.

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