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 Posted: Mon Feb 24th, 2020 03:37 am
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Reg H

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I was very discouraged that I could not get the shell on with the decoder I had installed.

Something I should have checked before I wired the decoder to the chassis. 
But I had the decoder laying around and I never stopped to think it wouldn't fit.

A small decoder is on it's way. 
Thank you Amazon Prime.  

I promised not to show photos until it was finished. 
But Alan Sewell really wanted to see the progress. 
So I emailed him a couple of staged photos.

It is only fair that I share them with everybody.

I think it looks pretty good, so far. 
Once I get it running I will do the detail work...handrails, couplers, etc.

Bear in mind it started out life looking like this:

About the number...

In figuring out numbering schemes for the timber company,
I decided that SW7's would be numbered in the 900 series.
There might only be one. 
But 900 is kind of a sacred number in this neck of the woods (literally, Shelton, WA). 
So I numbered this first SW7 ... 901 ...
(and it may, or may not be the only one, I have another chassis and shell)
... 901.

The Henderson Bay Timber Company is fictitious and generic. 
The paint scheme is basically Simpson Timber Company with Weyerhauser Timber Company colors. 
The lettering is similar to some Weyerhauser locomotives. 

The decals were made on a laser printer using SunnyScopa decal paper.  

I toyed with doing the lettering more like Simpson. 
But to be true to that requires white lettering. 
That can't be done on the laser printer.

In preparation for the timber company's caboose
(a "second hand" Northern Pacific 1200 series)
I have experimented with yellow lettering. 
We will see how that works out.


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