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 Posted: Tue Feb 25th, 2020 12:06 am
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Alan Sewell


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That "motor" looks really good - has a nice feel of Simpson/Weyerhaeuser. 

I always think keeping the scheme simple is more prototypical. 

Looks so much better than the stock BN unit.

My paint scheme is a bit more Weyerhaeuser inspired with yellow hood cab etc. 

Black for hood top and down the to the handrails in some cases. 

Black cab roof and sunshades Black frame but silver/grey trucks fuel tanks etc. 

All EMD motors have 5-chime airhorns and I try to have re-rail frogs on the truck frames.

Hopefully you can see that on the attached photo.
Look forward to seeing more when you get weathering and details. 

Hope that the decoder works out and we can see some shots of it in use.

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