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 Posted: Sat Mar 21st, 2020 07:00 pm
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Clinton Ross


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Thanks for the resource!

It must be lack of space (not Australians, mind)
that allow British modelers to fuss over the details and placement of scale bicycle spokes,
whilst ignoring the elephant-sized couplers hanging six feet off the pilot.

There may have been a time when such wee hour research,
into hand-making assemblies that require altering off-the-shelf models,
with power tools costing more than the trains themselves, would have been considered. 

(At least until a stiff drink was downed, to properly assess the possibilities of success,
versus actuarial certainty of only an expensive mess)

At 72, it is strictly shake-the-box and run it.
Well, okay, except for the stubbornness to model code 100 track covered in 1:45 moss.


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